RRS Silisorg Tensor 12x5ml

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RRS Silisorg Tensor 12x5ml

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RRS® Silisorg Tensor with a completely new product from the RRS line! The firming anti-aging complex is supported by eleven vitamins, 21 amino acids, 20 antioxidants and many other active revitalizing ingredients.
RRS Silisorg Tensor improves the connective tissue architecture by specific stimulation of elastin and collagen fibers that restructure to a new, stronger level.

It is a class III medical device (CE 1014) based on organic silicon 10% (100 mg / ml) DMAE 3% (30 mg / ml). The combination of these two substances gives the product a surprising firming and toning effect on all parts of the body (inner arms, abdomen, inner thighs, neck).


  • Firming effect
  • Endogenous stimulation of elastin and collagen production
  • Anti-aging prophylaxis
  • Improve skin tone
  • Increase in skin density


  • DMAE 3%
  • Organic silicon: 100 mg / ml
  • Biorevitalization complex 30.0 mg / ml, isotonic buffer solution (sodium chloride, citric acid and sodium hydroxide)


  • Treatment areas: Face, Abdomen (stretch marks), Umbilical area, Inner face of arms or thighs, Legs or buttocks, Backs of hands, Cleavage, Neck.
  • Average volume / session: 5 ml / area
  • Type of injection: deposit, into the dermis
  • Recommended needle: 30G or 32G.
  • Recommended for patients aged 40-65 years
  • For a perfect effect, we recommend 4 – 6 initial treatments every week
  • The more mature the skin, the more treatments it requires

Proposed combination: any of the RRS® HA skin thickening products, RRS® Silisorg + RRS® Hyalift 75.

  • there are no studies on the use in pregnant and lactating women, people under 18 years of age
  • people with damaged and / or diseased skin
  • patients taking immunodepressants or undergoing treatment with steroids
  • patients with a history of autoimmune disease
  • patients with unregulated diabetes, acute arthritis, recurrent angina, myocarditis


After treatment and for 12 hours: avoid extreme temperatures, saunas and Hammam, direct exposure to the sun or UV rays. Avoid makeup or application over skin products other than those recommended by your doctor.

The doctor must inform the patient about the possible local reactions related to the implantation of the resorbable device: redness and / or local

Inflammation that disappears within 12-24 hours. Slight swelling or petechiae may occur and usually disappear within 24 or 48 hours.




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