Sesderma Nanocare Intimate moisturizing cream – vaginal gel 8x5ml


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Sesderma Nanocare Intimate moisturizing cream – vaginal gel 8x5ml

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Nanocare Intimate is a line designed for the care of intimate areas with a rejuvenating effect.
It restores firmness to the skin, improves its hydration and color, regenerates the changes associated with aging, after childbirth, after many years of depilation of intimate places.
One of the factors distinguishing the Nanocare line from other intimate hygiene products is the use of nanotechnology.
It enables the transfer of active ingredients enclosed in nanosomes to the deepest layers of the skin and mucous membranes, which enhances their effect and ensures greater tolerance.


The vaginal cream-gel increases hydration and restores the natural physiological balance.
The contained hyaluronic and lactic acid provide hydration, and ceramides, retinol and coenzyme Q10 stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin, support the epithelization of the mucous membrane and protect cells.
Care to combat vaginal dryness, stretching of the vaginal muscles and loss of firmness.



The contents of a single package should be inserted directly into the vagina.
The application is carried out in a horizontal position.
Wait a few minutes before getting up.
Use twice a week for 6 weeks, then switch to maintenance therapy and use once a week.
Nanocare Intimate Gel revitalizing the intimate area is recommended to be used after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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