SRS Ascorbic Acid 20 - 5x5ml full box


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SRS Ascorbic Acid 20 - 5x5ml full box

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Concentration: 20%

Ascorbic acid is one of the most effective non-enzymatic, water-soluble antioxidants currently available on the market. His presence is essential for the collagen synthesis to take place. What’s more, ascorbic acid is needed to produce lysine hydroxylase in order to connect collagen molecules together. This enzyme also contributes to the increase of the durability of the skin tissue.

This acid should be used to treat and prevent skin aging due to sunlight.


  • Slowing the aging process of the skin due to sunlight,
  • Elimination of stretch marks,
  • Treatment of chloasma,
  • Regeneration of skin damaged by nicotine.




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