SRS DMAE 20x5ml


SRS DMAE 20x5ml

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DMAEConcentration: 1%
Acetylcholine is a substance that plays an extremely important role in many skin processes, responsible for their proper course. DMAE is a firming product that is the precursor of this substance. Its use gives many excellent results. First of all, it stimulates cholinergic fibroblast membrane receptors. It also increases the concentration of cytosol of myofilaments. The product also works by eliminating free radicals and inhibiting the production of lipofuscin. As a result, the bonds between elastin and collagen are significantly strengthened – the effect is a significant improvement in the appearance and health of the facial skin.
DMAE is a product with a number of applications. It can be used primarily for skin lifting, giving excellent results. It also firms the skin and prevents excessive sagging of the skin. What is very important, this preparation can be applied not only to the skin of the face, but also in other areas of its action – especially in the abdomen, legs and arms.



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