SRS DMAE + Silicium 20x5ml


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SRS DMAE + Silicium 20x5ml

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regeneration plus firming

DMAE plays an important role in the skin – its action can cause a synergistic combination of mechanisms at different levels:

  • The tension of non-muscular skin cells
  • Coherence and translocation of keratinocytes
  • Hydration and elasticity of the horny layer of the epidermis
  • Better nutrition and protection of the skin, oxidation
  • In combination with silicon, the results are more effective and last longer.


  • facelift
  • inhibition of skin aging processes
  • improvement of skin laxity (abdominal integuments, shoulders, inner thighs, etc.)
  • lipolysis
  • acceleration of wound healing

The product contains:

  • DMAE – 1% concentration
  • Silicon – with a concentration of 0.5%




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