SRS phosphatidylcholine 20x5ml

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SRS phosphatidylcholine 20x5ml

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Phosphatidylcholine is an enzyme produced by the human body.

It is also a major component of cell membranes and lipoproteins transported along with blood to specific organs.
It plays an important role in both the intracellular and metabolic transport process. It controls the substances leaving the cell and absorbed by it.
After appropriate application of phosphatidylcholine, it is possible to induce an enzymatic reaction that facilitates the dissolution of fats by producing microscopic monoglycerides that are transported to the liver and metabolized by the beta-oxidation process.


  • Removing excess fatty tissue and modeling the patient’s figure
  • Reduction of abdominal folds and excess fat accumulated in the upper part of the arms, shins, thighs, buttocks, knees, back
  • Removing dense fat

Elimination of lipomas
Improving the effects of liposuction




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