SRS Rutin + Melilot 20x2ml


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SRS Rutin + Melilot 20x2ml

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SRS Rutin + Melilot – Toning product

Concentration: 0.05% and 0.05%

Routine is highly effective, especially in reducing venous edema, which can lead to chronic venous disease. Routine helps strengthen the patient’s capillaries, protects against the harmful effects of some toxins and has anti-inflammatory effects. Nostrzyk allows treatment of varicose veins and reduces the risk of venous inflammation and blood clots. It contains coumarin, which is then transformed into dicumarol – a strong substance with anticoagulant effect, which alleviates most inflammation and swelling.


  • The occurrence of vascular cellulite,
  • Improper functioning of the venous-lymphatic system,
  • Diagnosed venous edema,
  • Diagnosed lymphoedema,
  • Feeling tired legs.




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