Three Therapy Nanoplastia 500ml


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Three Therapy Nanoplastia 500ml

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If you want your hair to be healthy and strong, and at the same time smooth and straight, then the Three Therapy Nanoplastia hair straightening treatment has been created for you. The treatment does not contain formaldehyde. The mixture of acids interacts with the keratin in the hair, especially the sulfur-containing amino acids, loosening the disulfide bonds, the structures responsible for curling the hair. The heat then aligns these structures to the desired format. The entire treatment affects every hair microstructure, providing shine, sealing and volume control at the same time. After the treatment, the hair is healthy, strong, smooth and shines beautifully.
Three Therapy Nanoplastia hair treatment:

the effect of straight, healthy, nourished and moisturized hair
hair volume control
formula without formaldehyde
allows you to perform treatments during pregnancy and lactation
combination of biocompatible amino acids with acidic proteins
one product for all hair types
guarantee of straightening every hair twist
you can wash your hair the same day
it is recommended to wait 3 days from the treatment before dyeing your hair
the effect lasts for about 5-6 months on Slavic hair and 3-4 months on afro hair
does not affect the color of the hair
no fumes and unpleasant smell
vegan product
not tested on animals
ecological recycled packaging
one-step treatment, no special shampoo is required
the purple shade does not make the blondes yellow
after the treatment, the hair can be rinsed or washed, but it is so loose that there is no need to do so, there are also no recommendations for tightening or tying


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