Three Therapy Nanoplastia Botox BTX 500ml


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Three Therapy Nanoplastia Botox BTX 500ml

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The Three Therapy Nanoplastia Botox BTX treatment has a moisturizing formula, intended mainly for thinner hair. The product allows you to control frizz and hair volume. It is also recommended for bleached and / or dyed blonde hair. After the treatment, the hair is smooth, moisturized and shiny. Formaldehyde-free formula is safe for hair and scalp.
Three Therapy Nanoplastia Botox BTX treatment:

has a unique formula without formaldehyde content
can be performed during pregnancy and lactation
you can wash your hair the same day
it is recommended to wait 3 days after the treatment to dye your hair
does not affect the color of the hair
vegan product
not tested on animals
ecological recycled packaging
the purple shade does not make the blondes yellow
effect for 3-4 months
composed of: shea butter, hydrolyzed collagen, flaxseed oil, argan oil, coconut oil
one-step treatment, no special shampoo is required

Directions for use:

Follow the instructions for use. Professional product.


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