Retix.C EYE+ Plus

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Retix.C EYE+ Plus

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Retix.C Eye is a revitalizing treatment for the skin around the eyes that can be performed all year round. The composition uses a special molecule of retinol, which does not cause irritation or exfoliation, as well as ferulic acid and phloretin, which show photoprotection properties.
The effectiveness and safety of the Retix.C Eye procedure has been confirmed in studies.
The effects are visible after the first treatment:
  • 95% firming and tightening the skin under the eyes
  • 95% intensive skin hydration
  • 90% illumination of the skin
  • 70% reduction in visibility of bags under the eyes
  • 60% lightening of shadows under the eyes
The Retix.C Eye kit includes the following products:
  • Anti-aging peeling for the skin around the eyes containing a mixture of acids: 2.5% ferulic acid, 5% citric acid, 5% malic acid, 4.5% lactic acid, as well as phloretin and retinol. The peeling formula provides the perfect balance between effectiveness and high tolerance.
  • The eye area skin serum with 10% vitamin C and ferulic acid perfectly complements the peeling effect, also demonstrating a strong smoothing, revitalizing and brightening effect.
  • Nanostructural sheet mask for the skin around the eyes, which intensely moisturizes and regenerates the skin. The mask provides a soothing cooling effect over the entire treatment area.
  • Set for 6 treatments:
  • Peeling: 14 ml
  • Serum: 6 x 2 ml
  • Mask: 6 x 6 ml


1 review for Retix.C EYE+ Plus

  1. Joelma Freitas

    Very good service. Good communication, fast delivery and good price for the products. I highly recommend 🙂

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