WiQo ICP SPF +50 – MEDIUM 10,5ml


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WiQo ICP SPF +50 – MEDIUM 10,5ml

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WiQo ICP Cream SPF 50 – Medium.

WiQo ICP Cream (Invisible Colored Protective) is a triple-action compact tinted cream: it hides small skin blemishes, protects the face from UVA and UVB rays, as well as from all seasons’ sunlight, and evens skin tone in a natural way.

Description contents

WiQo ICP Cream is an innovative cosmetic: its easy application creates an extra-thin layer that protects and makes the skin silky. The make-up looks natural, avoiding the “face cast effect” that is common with other heavier products. With its sunscreen (SPF 50+), ICP colored cream slows down skin ageing caused by exposure to UVA and UVB rays and to natural light.

How to use:

Apply with the included sponge, blending the product over the face in a thin layer. If there are any spots or small blemishes, apply more product with your fingertip on the area, then tap gently to blend in the thicker layer.

To keep the skin hydrated during the day and freshen up the make-up, use WiQo Eye Contour and Facial Serum for Delicate Skin, applying it over WiQo ICP Cream when needed.o use contents




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