WiQo REVERSE Serum 20ml



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WiQo REVERSE Serum 20ml

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Brightening face serum
Capacity: 20 ml

Brightening serum created by Dr. Rossana Castellana (author of PRX-T33) to lighten and prevent skin discoloration.

High concentration of active substances:
• ferulic acid, α-lipoic acid, glabridin – are responsible for inhibiting the production of melanin,
• aminomethylphosphonic acid – reduces the formation of melanin,
• lactoferrin – chelates iron,
• niacinamide,
• tranexamic acid – reduces the process of melanogenesis in melanocytes

Perfectly selected active ingredients reduce discoloration and prevent the formation of new ones.
The mixture of these substances has a strong lightening effect on discoloration.

Directions for use:
The silky consistency makes the SERUM a product with easy and pleasant application. The dropper ensures quick and precise application. Apply the preparation by performing a gentle massage until it is completely absorbed.




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