Profhilo Body Kit is a complete package of body treatments.


  • Lost face oval and drooping cheeks ("hamsters")
  • Vertical and horizontal facial wrinkles
  • Lost volume and sagging skin
  • Reduction of skin aging
  • Deep skin hydration Improving skin elasticity
  • Minimization of fine lines
The packaging consists of
  • 2 injectable PROFHILO® BODY preparations,
  • 1 package containing 4 patches of PROFHILO® FIGURA - BODY PATCH,
  • 1 bottle of 150 ml. PROFHILO® FIGURA - Body cream.
An injection procedure specifically intended for the treatment of body skin laxity. Especially recommended for use around the arms, abdomen and in the areas most affected by this disease. PROFHILO® FIGURA - BODY PATCH (pack of 4 patches in one sachet)
Designed to soothe and moisturize the skin of various areas of the body after aesthetic treatments. Contains high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, Salvia Haenkei - patented plant extract with strong antioxidant properties - Arnica Montana - soothing and relieving - Escin - preventing excess fluid build-up that can lead to edema - Pineapple extract - restore the skin natural condition. A clinical trial showed a 33% increase in skin hydration and an 11% decrease in skin irritation within an hour of use.
PROFHILO® FIGURA - BODY CREAM (airless bottle 150ml) Multi-active modeling and firming cream. It restores color and elasticity while deeply moisturizing. It contains a complex of low and high molecular weights, high concentration of hyaluronic acids and Matrixyl® 3000, a combination of two peptides that promotes tissue remodeling and helps restore the viability of cellular functions. The airless bottle allows full use of the contents, better hygiene and protection of the product as well as precise and waste-free dosing. A clinical trial showed increased skin hydration (+ 42%), elasticity (R2 + 6% and R5 + 9%) and improved skin firmness (52%) 28 days after the start of treatment. Patients' self-esteem ranged from very good to excellent on a number of efficacy indicators including hydration (100%), flexibility (100%) and firmness (87%).

Use Profhilo Body consists of two preliminary injection treatments that should be performed 30 days apart. The product only requires 10 injection points for each treatment area. After 3-4 weeks, the quality of the skin will be visibly improved thanks to the increased balance of hydration, minimized fine lines and increased skin elasticity. The results generally last 6-12 months, depending on the level of skin laxity. Body cream for home care is recommended to be used 1-2 times a day.

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