Radiesse 1.5 ml



 collagen stimulation lifting effect skin thickening and rejuvenation

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Radiesse 1.5 ml


  •  collagen stimulation
  •  lifting effect
  •  skin thickening and rejuvenation

Radiesse is the only original and approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) tissue stimulator and simultaneously filler based on calcium hydroxyapatite.

Developed by a world leader in aesthetic medicine since 1953, the German company Merz Aesthetics.

Radiesse rebuilds the structure of the skin by stimulating the production of skin cells, collagen and elastin. Therefore, we get an immediate effect of correction of wrinkles and contour modeling of the face as well as improvement of volume, density and quality of the skin.


1. Immediate effect

    Immediate filling

The filling effect thanks to the gel matrix

2. Long-term effect

    Improvement of volume and contour

Collagen production thanks to biostimulation with CaHA

    Lifting and increasing skin density

The newly formed mesh of collagen fibers gives a long-term strengthening of the dermis structure

Gel matrix - It gives an immediate effect

CaHA microparticles - They activate fibroblasts and support collagen synthesis

Triple effect - Versatile filling, improved face volume and contour, skin rejuvenation

Long-term effectiveness - 12 months, and in many patients even longer

Security - Numerous studies confirm exceptional safety

Area of application:

  • the yoke region
  • sunken polys
  • nasolabial furrows
  • marionette lines
  • hollow beard
  • beard
  • line of the jaw
  • hands

Package: 1.5 ml

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