RRS HA Eyes 12x1.5ml


12 x 1.5 ml

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NOTE: The expected date of shipment is the end of March 2018

RRS Eyes 5 mg / ml HA + 27.3 mg / ml of the revitalizing complex (11 antioxidants, 5 lawonones, 3 saponins, 5 polyphenols, 2 peptides, microelement)

Packaging: contains 12 ampoules of 1.5 ml


  • hydration
  • improvement of microcirculation
  • lightening of the skin
  • improvement of eye contours
  • antioxidant activities

For whom: no age limit


  • requiring eye area

Injection technique:

  • Feeding technique: linear withdrawal, microdeposites
  • Quantity 0.5 - 0.7 ml for each eye

Active ingredients:

  • antioxidants: vit.C, Naringin, Resveratrol, R-2 Viniferin, ε-Viniferin, R-Viniferin, Iso-ε-Viniferin
  • Flavonoids: Troxerutin, Rutin, Naringin, Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone, Hesperidin
  • saponins: Ruscogenin, Neoruscogenin, Escin
  • polyphenols: R-2 Viniferin, ε-Viniferin, R-Viniferin, Iso-ε-Viniferin, Resveratrol, Coumarin
  • peptides: DipeptideVW, Peptide Pal-GQPR
  • microelement: organic silicon


  •     allergy to any of the ingredients
  •     there are no studies on the use in pregnant women, breastfeeding women, people under 18 years of age
  •     people with damaged and / or sick skin
  •     patients receiving immunodepressants or during treatment with steroids
  •     patients with a history of autoimmune disease
  •     patients with unregulated diabetes mellitus, acute arthritis, recurrent angina, myocar

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