SRS Body Fit - Corporel - 5x5ml


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SRS Corporel is the most effective and result proven treatment to reduce fat and cellulite. Its active ingredients assure a lipolytic action that contributes to reshape and refine the body.

SRS body benefits:

-Reduces fat and cellulite
-Maintains membrane fluidity
-Releases energy from fat
-Moisturizes the skin
-Suppresses toxins from the body

SRS Body ingredients:

-PPC Phosphatidylcholine
-L-Carnitine, a fat carrier
-HA is a deep moisturizer
-Cytokine suppresses toxins from the body

SRS Body indications
- Fat
-Cellulite -

- Stretch Marks

SRS Body Fat treatment protocol:

Apply 5mL of the SRS Body solution on a clean area with the SRS Skin System electroporation machine or manually about 12mm depth. The needle is 30G.

SRS Body Cellulite treatment protocol:
Clean the treatment area.
Apply SRS on the specific cellulite zones
And pass the SRS MicroMeso Roller simultaneously.

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