All orders are processed within 3 working days (not including Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays in Poland).
  • With larger orders, the time may be longer, but each client is individually informed about the progress of his order.
  • All shipping prices outside the EU, are not include of any tax / duty / VAT charged by their country.
  • Shipping cost includes insurance (each package must be opened upon delivery of the courier). In the event of damage, please fill in the damage form of curier and a photo / copy, should be sent to us at

Ordering goods outside the European Union

This mainly applies to the countries: United States, Australia, Norway, Switzerland and England.
  • If you are from one of these countries, you must check if the goods you order on ouer site, can be shipped to your country.
  • If you order a product that is not allowed to be shipped to your country, you are fully responsible for its possible loss/taken by the Customs Office (goods can be recycled) – our company is not responsible for it.
  • Every customer must know the rules of what goods are allowed to be shipped to their country.
  • When the package is disposed of by the customs office in the customer’s country, our company does not refund the money for the goods / order.
  • If the customs office will send the parcel back to Poland, you will receive a refund for the goods, (minus cost of returning the parcel to Poland and any customs duties, which we need to pay to get shipping to ouer country)
  • If the package is taken over by the customs office of the customer / addressee, we do not grant a refund for the package.
By purchasing goods to these countries, you agree with our shop policy, and you fully agree to these rules.
  • We try to make every customer happy. We do our best to ensure that the package arrives without any problems, but we are not able to guarantee everything. Bad weather, problems with the plane, breakage of the delivery car, there are random situations that cannot be predicted. We take every case seriously and try to help as much as we can.

There is a refund only when the package is lost.


  • we sand reclamation to the courier (UPS, DPD, GLS, FEDEX)
  • the time of complaint with the courier is 14 to 30 days
  • when we receive information back about reclamation, we send a new package or full refund to the customer.

SwitzerlandDuties & Taxes: the amount is: 7.7% or 2.5% for food and other basic goods. Goods with a declared value below CHF 65 (7.7% VAT) or CHF 200 (2.5% VAT) are not subject to VAT or customs duties. The declared value is the price of the goods + shipping cost.

If the value of the goods sent by you is lower than CHF 300, you do not have to pay customs duties or taxes

 Goods subject to an import ban:
– medicines for humans and animals.

 NorwayDuties & Taxes: Norwegian Post (Posten) charges 158 kr for the so-called simplified customs clearance for each parcel over 350 kr.  In the future, if someone orders low-value goods, e.g. 100 kr, and will have to pay an additional 158 kr for customs duty, it may turn out  that it will not be a profitable purchase.

  • drugs, poisons and medicines (it is allowed to import small amounts of medicines for personal use)
    alcoholic products with an alcohol content of more than 60 percent.

Before exporting goods, it is worth checking what duty applies in Norway. The duty rates applicable to the importation of goods into  Norway (import) are determined by the Norwegian Customs Office In addition to information on customs in Norway, it  also offers an online import calculator ( , thanks to which we can conveniently estimate  how much we will have to pay for customs duties and VAT.

 AustraliaDuties & Taxes: A shipment valued at less than €150 will not be dutiable.

We sand all cosmetics with any problems. But we can,t sand product to injection and medicines product.

USADuties & Taxes: goods up to EUR 22* are exempt from fees – including duty and VAT (excise goods are an exception to this rule); goods from EUR 22 to EUR 150 – VAT and customs duties must be paid for such shipments; goods from EUR 150 and above – these types of parcels require the payment of customs duties, duties and VAT.

What can’t be shipped to the US?

  • perfume, medicines.
  • pressurized products (aerosols)
  • cigarettes, jewelry,
  • wild animal skins (and antlers),
  • groceries (e.g. sweets and meat), plants.

If you need any diet suplements we can sand only by Global Express.

England/Brexit – Duties & Taxes: If you’re sending a private parcel to England, you don’t have to pay VAT if the value is less than £39. If this value is exceeded, VAT is charged to the recipient. Standard VAT in England is 20%.

Duty can be reduced to 0% when the transported item comes from the European Union.

List of items that cannot be sent in a package:

– goods requiring controlled temperature;
– medical products;
– components for the production of medicinal products;
– drugs and psychotropic and hallucinogenic substances;

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