Aquashine PTX 2ml


Aquashine PTX 2ml

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Aquashine PTX is a multi-level and multi-functional product.
Maintains a balance between the lifting effect and the relaxing effect of the mimic muscle fibers.
It actively influences skin smoothing, stimulation, regeneration and cell renewal, improves skin structure and deep hydration.
The preparation can be combined with the classic Aquashine or Aquashine BR product during a single session covering various areas or in a series of treatments according to the optimal treatment protocol.
Aquashine PTX actively stimulates cell regeneration and renewal, improving and moisturizing the skin structure.
  • It relaxes the muscle fibers in the skin and the expression muscle fibers that are integrated with the skin
  • Rebuilds and regenerates the skin through stimulating peptides that actively regenerate and fill the intercellular space, improving the structure
  • Reduces mimic wrinkles around the eyes and static wrinkles on the forehead and around the mouth
  • It minimizes atrophic acne scars and cavities on the skin
  • Restores involutional changes (retrograde changes, skin atrophy)
Application areas
  • The forehead and the skin around the eyes
  • The skin around the mouth Improvement of the jaw line
  • Neck and cleavage
Use A series of 3 treatments every 1 month, and then continuation to consolidate the effects – 1 treatment every four months.
Passing techniques
  • Linear retrograde – injection to a depth of 1.5-2 mm
  • Injection – the technique of a series of punctures to a depth of 1 mm
  • Microinjection – micro lumps 3-4 mm deep
  • Cannula – subcutaneously along any direction
  • Non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid – 1.5% (15 mg / ml) – Hyaluronic acid with a molecular weight of about 1000kDa to 3000kDa exists in two multi-molecular forms: a globular structure and a reticular structure. Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid with a reticular structure ensures quick hydration and penetration. The high molecular weight fraction is suspended in a reticular-globular structure, which promotes the long-term deposition of the peptides and their ability to penetrate.
  • Minerals that protect against negative environmental influences and give the skin a balance
  • Coenzymes for the reconstruction of the body’s enzyme system.  Amino acids for the process of protein synthesis
  • 7 peptide complex: Dekapeptyd-29 and Oligopeptyd-62 – muscle relaxation in the skin, “botox-like” effect. Acetyl Dekapeptyd-3 – collagen synthesis Oligopeptyd-24, – Oligopeptyd-72 – reconstruction and regeneration 4. Oligopeptyd-51 – brightening and illumination 5. Oligopeptyd-34 – illumination
  • Subtle and delicate smoothing of wrinkles
  • Providing a fresh and natural looking face, devoid of strong smoothing and “freezing” of the face
  • Extending the effect achieved with Botox
The package contains 1 x pre-filled syringe with 2ml


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