REVOLFIL Aquashine BTX/PTX 2x2ml

Product for deep mesotherapy. For professional use. The successor to Aquashine BTX.


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REVOLFIL Aquashine BTX/PTX 2x2ml

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Aquashine pTX is a new generation of products, specially designed for professionals, providing comprehensive solutions in anti-aging therapy for the face, neck and décolletage. The main advantage of the product is its multi-level action: it stabilizes muscle activity in the skin, relaxes the fibers of facial muscles, and smoothes the skin. Aquashine pTX actively stimulates cell regeneration and renewal, improving and moisturizing the skin structure. The preparation helps relax muscle fibers in the skin and facial muscle fibers that are integrated with the skin. It rebuilds and regenerates the skin through stimulating peptides that actively regenerate and fill the intercellular space, improving the structure. Hyaluronic acid, which comes in two multi-molecular forms, ensures quick skin hydration and penetration of peptides, i.e. comprehensive skin revitalization.

The composition includes non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid – 1.5% (15 mg/ml),

Complex of 7 peptides, among others

Oligopeptide-34 -24 – 52,





Preparation for professional use in the office or clinic. The product is used only by people properly trained in medicine and aesthetic cosmetology. By purchasing this product, you confirm that you are qualified to use this product.

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