BioHyalux Basic 1 ml



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BioHyalux Basic 1 ml

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BioHyalux Basic 1 ml

BioHyalux ™ is a stabilized hyaluronic acid for enlarging facial tissue (volumetry).

One of the best crosslinked acids available on the market. After injection, the BioHyalux preparation naturally integrates with the tissue, adds volume to the skin, thus providing the desired correction.

· BioHyalux creates an exclusive product line that allows you to emphasize natural beauty. Different cross-linked acids allow to choose the right preparation in the ideal way depending on the place of application and the function it is supposed to fulfill

· BioHyalux products containing hyaluronic acid have been specially developed for administration in various layers of the skin to improve its quality and structure. The range of fillers based on hyaluronic acid BioHyalux is distinguished by innovative production technology, high efficiency and safety.

· BioHyalux is used to: improve the appearance of facial skin, to fill the nasolabial folds, frontal creases, valley of tears, marionnia and deep wrinkles. BioHyalux can also be modeled, wrinkle smoker and other surfaces, eyebrow arches, cheekbones, corners of the mouth, enlarge the lips, carry out minor correction of the nose and the podbódka and smooth out postoperative scars.

· The quality and purity of BioHyalux hyaluronic acid guarantees a natural, immediate result. It is the result of high tolerance of the preparation by the body and its perfect integration with skin tissues. A significant improvement in the appearance of the skin is visible after a single treatment. The wrinkles are clearly smaller, the skin becomes more tense, elastic and properly moisturized. The effects of the treatment last up to several months.

· Thanks to the ergonomic design of the components (large piston and syringe flange) and precise marking enabling accurate reading of the injected quantity, stability and control during the treatment is ensured. This provides convenience for both doctors and patients.

BioHyalux is available in a sterile, ready-to-use pre-filled syringe with a volume of 1.0 ml. Two sterile needles 27 G x 1/2 (0.4 x 12 mm) and a leaflet containing instructions for the proper use of the preparation are attached to each package.





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