Biolevox™ HA Tendon 1,6% – 2ml NEW!


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Biolevox™ HA Tendon 1,6% – 2ml NEW!

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GENERAL INFORMATION: Biolevox ™ HA Tendon is a 1.6% sodium hyaluronate solution, applied as a gel for injection around the tendon or into the tendon sheath, available as pre-filled syringes with a total volume of 2.0 ml.
THE STORAGE CONDITIONS: The product has been sterilized and is pyrogen-free. Do not use if the sterile pre-filled syringe is damaged. Store at a temperature of + 2 ° C – + 25 ° C, in a darkened place and out of the reach of children. Avoid shocks.
APPLICATION: Pain and restriction of mobility in tendon diseases caused by injuries (e.g. tendon strain) or overload changes (e.g. tennis elbow, rotator cuff tendinopathy).
HOW TO USE: Only a doctor may perform the injection around the tendon or into the tendon sheath. Before injection, remove any air bubbles from the pre-filled syringe and disinfect the injection site. It is recommended to make two injections at weekly intervals. The pre-filled syringe is for single use only.
LIST OF INGREDIENTS: 1 ml of solution contains:Sodium Hyaluronate 16,000 mgSodium Chloride 8.500 mg Disodium hydrogen phosphate 0.563 mg Sodium dihydrogen phosphate 0.045 mg Water for injection q.s







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