Cell Fusion TA Toning Peel set

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Cell Fusion TA Toning Peel set

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Kit components:

  • Toning Booster

Optimal preparation of the skin for the TA Toning Peel treatment – softens the epidermis and helps remove dead cells. Restores the optimal level of hydration. The tonic is used at all stages of the treatment – before applying the peeling, after washing off the neutralizing mask and in combination with a properly selected Cream Mask for even better skin hydration. Capacity: 450 ml

  • Toning Peel

tranexamic acid 2%, glutathione, Gluconolactone 10%, Lactobionic acid 1%, Lactic acid 2%., 8 types of hyaluronic acid polymers, ECO NEO CMSTM, Capacity: 100 ml

  • Toning Postpeel Reactivator

TA Toning Post Peel Reactivator is a neutralizer based on hydrogen bubbles. Hydrogen bubbles combine with reactive oxygen to form water molecules. The resulting water and basic amino acids from hydrogen conversion neutralize the pH lowered by peeling. Capacity: 180 ml

  • Ampule toning

TA Toning Ampoule ensures the storage of cysteine, evens out the skin tone by inhibiting the formation of melanin. It eliminates the effects of free radicals, stimulates repair and regeneration processes in the skin. Capacity: 100 ml


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