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PDT laser treatment Peptide-Hyaluron Filler for deep and mimic wrinkles with neuropeptides and pro-hyaluronic peptide.

Effectively reduces deep and mimic wrinkles. Intensively rejuvenates with a “glamorous” effect. Deeply moisturizes, smoothes the skin texture, strengthens the structure of support fibers, restores skin elasticity and elasticity.

The treatment is intended for all skin types, and in particular for mature skin, with clear signs of aging, with age and mimic wrinkles, for dry, flabby skin without firmness.

Wrinkles are longitudinal depressions in the skin that form when the inner layer of the skin (dermis) weakens and is no longer able to support the outer layer, the epidermis. The skin becomes less resistant to deformation and wrinkles form. Types of wrinkles are distinguished due to the reasons for their formation and the place of occurrence: mimic wrinkles, sun wrinkles, sleep and gravity wrinkles.


Types of wrinkles due to the causes of their formation:

are formed during facial muscle movements (they are associated with facial expressions)
they appear first, between the ages of 25 and 30
most often they are located between the nose and mouth, around the eyes and on the forehead
Sun wrinkles
are caused by the harmful effects of the sun
they are usually accompanied by discoloration or discoloration of the skin
Sleep wrinkles
result from the position of the skin while sleeping
Gravitational ripples
are caused by the natural aging process of our skin

Recommendations and indications for the procedure

mature skin with clear signs of aging
age and mimic wrinkles
dry, flaccid skin without firmness

The effects of the treatment

smoothing deep and mimic wrinkles
rejuvenation with the effect of “glamor”
deep hydration
smoothing the skin texture
strengthening the structure of the support fibers
restoring elasticity and firmness

The most important active ingredients

✓ Argireline Neuropeptide – concentrated neuropeptide that mimics botulinum toxin. It blocks muscle-nerve conduction and reduces the depth and visibility of wrinkles, including mimic ones. Intensively reduces the depth of wrinkles by tightening the expressive muscles, making them visibly less visible. It is a non-surgical alternative to Botox injections.

✓ Synvel 3-Peptide – a low-molecular neuropeptide that mimics the action of snake venom toxin. It works on the same level as botulinum toxin and is a non-surgical alternative to surgical injection procedures. It shallows mimic wrinkles by inhibiting the vibrations of expressive muscles. It smoothes, moisturizes the skin and gives it a fresh, relaxed look.

✓ Matrixyl 3-Peptide – a strong anti-wrinkle low molecular weight peptide stimulates the synthesis of the main components of the dermal matrix and the dermal-epidermal junction (DEJ), including collagen I, III, IV and hyaluronic acid. It improves hydration, density, firmness and elasticity of the skin, color and oval of the face. Efficacy confirmed in an in vivo panel study on a group of women aged 42-70.

✓ HYA–STIM 3-Peptide – increases the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and, binding water in skin cells, strengthens the structure of the collagen matrix. It strengthens collagen fibers, thanks to which the elasticity and firmness of the skin increases. It gives a firming and remodeling effect by smoothing wrinkles from the inside, it also models the oval of the face.

✓ The active formula is supplemented with moisturizing hyaluronic acid and red coral algae, which improves skin elasticity, also has antioxidant and antibacterial properties.


Application: PDT/LED laser treatment, sonophoresis

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