CHANTARELLE PLATINUM PEEL CURE PDT 45% pH 3.0 for oily and acne skin 50ml

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CHANTARELLE PLATINUM PEEL CURE PDT 45% pH 3.0 for oily and acne skin 50ml

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Blend-Peeling Retinologic 45% pH 3.0 for combination, oily and acne skin

PDT photodynamic platinum Blend-Peeling Retinologic 45% pH 3.0 is intended for combination, oily and acne skin.

Especially for skin with enlarged pores, locally dehydrated, requiring cleansing and normalization. The peeling contains rejuvenating and antibacterial platinum and cleansing and regenerating the skin: mandelic acid, retinol, citric acid, phytic acid, salicylic acid. The active formula of the peeling also includes Azeloglycine, liquorice and bearberry extract (arbutin).

The Platinum line combines the effect of laser chemical peels with a strong rebuilding dermo-treatment

Indications and recommendations

combination, oily, acne skin
enlarged pores
locally dehydrated skin
skin requiring cleansing and normalization

Spectacular treatment effects

The combination of strong biotechnological and photobiochemical effects gives spectacular treatment effects:

✓ Accumulation of the strength of the acids of the PEEL phase – the effect of their action is mutually intensified and complemented – in other words, it is deeper and fuller.

✓ Photobiochemical enhancement – treatment preparations contain modern formulas of photosensitive Chantarelle bio-chromophores (R 650nm and UV 420nm). This, combined with the PDT Laser / LED photodynamic method, triggers photobiochemical reactions in the skin, as a result accelerating repair activities.

✓ Reconstruction, rejuvenation and cell renewal of the CURE phase – innovative active ingredients accelerate skin repair processes and reduce irritation after intensive exfoliating treatments.

✓ Advanced protection – strong antioxidant effect and high SPF50 UVA/UVB/IR protection against the effects of photoaging and aggressive external factors (e.g. free radicals, stress, smog, urban pollution).

The power of ingredients for combination, oily and acne-prone skin

✓ Retinol (vitamin A 233310 IU/g) a stable form of active retinol enclosed in unique micro-capsules. It is released upon direct application to the skin through mechanical pressure. Thanks to the microencapsulation system, retinol retains its properties and is effectively protected against light, temperature, oxidation, pH and interaction with other ingredients. Retinol is considered one of the most effective vitamins in anti-aging treatment due to its ability to stimulate collagen production, accelerate cell renewal and normalize skin keratosis. It has an effective antioxidant and regenerating effect. Strongly firms and restores skin density, smoothes wrinkles and furrows and prevents the formation of new ones. Its regular use improves skin elasticity, smoothness and softness, brightens skin tone and discolorations. Restores skin radiance and younger appearance. It is effective in anti-aging treatments, wrinkle reduction, skin regeneration, anti-acne treatments and in lightening discolorations.

✓ A mix of antibacterial acids: mandelic acid, citric acid, phytic acid, salicylic acid. This is the perfect combination for skin with enlarged pores and blackheads.

✓ Platinum – has a strong rejuvenating, regenerating and rebuilding effect on the skin. It reduces deformations in skin cells, participates in tissue reconstruction (e.g. healing, scarring). It has strong antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

✓ Azeloglycine – a modern combination of azelaic acid and glycine amino acids with an intense moisturizing, soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. Increases the elasticity of the support fibres.

✓ The active formula is additionally supplemented with brightening bearberry extract (arbutin) and liquorice root extract with a wide range of effects to improve the condition of the skin.


Application: PDT / LED laser treatment or manual


Weight 1 kg


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