CHANTARELLE REGENEVIA DNA AGE anti-glycation, anti-oxidant toning mist 500ml


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CHANTARELLE REGENEVIA DNA AGE anti-glycation, anti-oxidant toning mist 500ml

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Antioxidant toning and cleansing mist for all skin types.

It regenerates the collagen structure by reversing the effects of glycation. In addition, it strengthens the elasticity and firmness of the skin, moisturizes and strengthens the skin barrier. At the same time, it complements the level of natural antioxidants. It detoxifies the skin, restores its radiance and protects it from UV damage, free radicals and environmental pollutants. The rich active formula contains the reversing effects of glycation AGE Anti-AGE Collagen Repair, protective and strengthening City Guard™ and valuable ingredients of marine origin, such as: curly cartilage red algae extract, marine collagen, hydrolyzed marine elastin, revitalizing marine glycogen

The Regenevia DNA line is gene rejuvenation, collagen reconstruction and cellular regeneration.

Recommendations and indications

tired skin, without energy, dry, dull, rough
signs of accelerated aging and photoaging due to free radicals and environmental pollution

Effects of action

multilevel rejuvenation
intensive reduction of the signs of aging
reconstruction of the collagen structure
cell stimulation for activity and renewal
wrinkle reduction
strengthening firmness and elasticity
regeneration of the skin barrier
effective and long-lasting hydration
long-term antioxidant protection
color equalization
brightening and smoothing the skin

The most important active ingredients

✓ Anti-AGE Collagen Repair – a complex of carnosine peptide, vitamin B₃ (niacin) and an extract from the exotic quinoa plant. Carnosine is a dipeptide that counteracts the formation of AGE products in the skin. Thanks to this, it protects the dermis fibers against glycation and premature loss of elasticity and firmness. Vitamin B₃ (niacin) reduces TEWL (transepidermal water loss through the epidermis), enhances collagen production and has a beneficial effect on skin microcirculation. Quinoa extract strongly moisturizes and regenerates the skin.

✓ City Guard™ – an antioxidant formula of sea water with oligoalginates and biopterin. Oligoalginates create a protective film against the penetration of aggressive environmental pollutants, while biopterin from marine microalgae stimulates the synthesis of ATP energy and strengthens the structure of the collagen network. In skin care under the eyes, it reduces dark circles and puffiness. Harvested under arctic stress conditions.

✓ Curly cartilage red algae extract (Chondrus Crispus) has a moisturizing effect, reduces transepidermal water loss, creates a polysaccharide film on the surface of the skin, smoothes it and facilitates its regeneration. Minerals (especially calcium and magnesium) strengthen and stimulate keratinization, increase the skin’s resistance to environmental factors – detergents, UV radiation, irritants, pollution.

✓ The active ingredients also include: perfectly moisturizing triple helix marine collagen, hydrolyzed marine elastin, revitalizing marine glycogen and natural honey extract.

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