Chantarelle Plant Plasma Serum TGF – set


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Chantarelle Plant Plasma Serum TGF – set

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Chantarelle Plant Plasma Serum with epidermal growth factor TGF – set

PLANT PLASMA are modern dermocosmetics in the field of regenerative cosmetology, which use growth factors that naturally stimulate the skin to regenerate. This is an intensive anti-aging and revitalizing dermo-treatment for the skin of the face, around the eyes, neck, décolletage and hands.

PDT Serum with the transforming growth factor TGF-β2 for intensive stimulation of collagen and restructuring of the skin of the face, around the eyes, neck, décolletage, hands, with clear signs of chronological aging and exaging – deep wrinkles, lack of skin elasticity and damaged collagen structure. It strongly stimulates the renewal of the extracellular matrix – the synthesis of collagen, fibronectin and integrin by increasing the proliferation of fibroblasts, and inhibits matrix degradation by counteracting metalloproteinases, thus strengthening the structure of the skin’s support fibers and reducing wrinkles. Increases the synthesis of GAG and hyaluronic acid – strengthens the firmness and hydration of the skin. By activating natural renewal processes, it improves the skin structure, giving the effect of a younger-looking, elastic skin with smoothed wrinkles. It also contains the antibacterial ingredient Equibiome™ to maintain the balance of the resident flora on the skin, i.e. protects the skin microbiome (microbiota) with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and CHANTARELLE’s proprietary biochromophores.

INDICATIONS: deep wrinkles, skin with impaired collagen production caused by chronological aging, sun exposure, stress, environmental pollution.

– increase in fibroblast proliferation (210% increase after 48 hours after application) and myofibroblast differentiation
– stimulation of the expression of extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins, such as collagen I, collagen III, fibronectin and integrins,
– inhibition of matrix degradation by stimulating the synthesis of matrix metalloproteinase (MIM) inhibitors (TIMP),
– increase in the synthesis of GAG and hyaluronic acid to strengthen the firmness, elasticity and hydration of the skin

Active ingredients: TGF-β2 transforming growth factor beta, Equibiome™, biochromophores 650nm and 420nm

How to use: Introduce PDT SERUM into the skin using the selected application method.


– PDT LASER LLLT/LED 650nm and 420nm
– microneedle method (for facial skin up to 0.5 mm and under the eyes up to 0.3 mm – rollers, microneedles, dermapens)
– manually

Capacity: 3x 2.5 ml

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