Circadia Nighttime Repair 59 ml


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Circadia Nighttime Repair 59 ml


The strong formula of the regenerating night cream contains innovative peptide technology, antioxidants and a stable form of vitamin C. The regenerating cream with 0.3% retinol corrects early age-related changes. It eliminates dryness, keratinization of the epidermis, slows down the glycation process, smoothes wrinkles and strengthens the skin. The cream is also used to treat acne and post-acne lesions.

Recommendations by skin type:

Mature skin
Damaged skin
Skin requiring intensive regeneration


0.3% vitamin A concentration, suitable for starting treatment
Improves the cell regeneration process
Slows down the aging process of the skin

Main ingredients:

Vitamin A 0.3%
PhytoCellTech Solar Vitis (grape stem cell extract)
Palmityl tripeptide -38 – Stimulates the production of essential substances for skin regeneration, including collagen and elastin
Ergothioneine – Antioxidant, promotes the regeneration of vitamin C and protects the skin against the negative effects of free radicals. Brightens and evens out its color
Phytosirt – A complex of Mexican bamboo (resveratrol), bodline (from the Bold tree), aminoguanidine and decarboxycarnosine prevents the glycation process and increases the concentration of sirtuins 1 and 2
Carnosine (dipeptide from the amino acids beta-alanine and L-histidine) – It has anti-glycation and antioxidant properties. It prevents lipid oxidation, preserving the structure of cell membranes, provides protection against photoaging and fights the first signs of aging
BV-OSC (tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate) – A stable fat-soluble form of vitamin C, reducing melanin synthesis. Provides strong antioxidant protection, evens skin tone and activates collagen synthesis. It does not oxidize
Vitamin E

How to use:

It is recommended to use in evening care. After cleansing the skin and applying Vitamin C Reversal Serum, apply a small amount of cream to the skin of the face and neck and spread it evenly.

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