Depileve Ampoules delaying hair regrowth 20 pcs.


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Depileve Ampoules delaying hair regrowth 20 pcs.

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Ampoules that delay hair growth are a product to be used immediately after depilation and as daily care for 2 weeks after the treatment. The use of ampoules makes the regrowing hair weaker and thinner. Regular application ensures slower hair growth, and additional ingredients of the preparation soothe irritations after depilation and accelerate skin regeneration.


weakening regrowing hair,
slowing down hair growth,
soothing irritations after depilation treatments.


Papaya extract – accelerates wound healing, lycopene (an enzyme contained in papaya – a natural antioxidant) has properties that inhibit the multiplication of free radicals,
Propylene glycol – prevents the epidermis from drying out, an ingredient that creates a protective layer on irritated skin,
Mountain arnica – anti-inflammatory effect,
Common ivy – an ingredient with a cleansing effect on the skin, showing bactericidal and antifungal properties,
Watercress – nourishes the skin and regenerates it. It is a rich source of vitamins (A, C, E, K), including those from the B group (B2, B3, B6) and minerals,
Calendula officinalis – anti-inflammatory effect on the skin irritated by depilation,
Yarrow – soothing sensitive skin, accelerating wound healing,
Bright white – an ingredient that repairs damaged skin cells.


Apply the content of the ampoule to the cleansed skin and massage into the depilated area. Use immediately after the procedure. To strengthen and prolong the effect, use the product for 2 weeks after depilation.

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