DERMAQUAL DISOLVIDASE – hyaluronidase 1500 I.U 5x10ml


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DERMAQUAL DISOLVIDASE – hyaluronidase 1500 I.U 5x10ml

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DISOLVIDASE is a lyophilized solution of hyaluronidase powder, used to correct and remove defects resulting from the administration of hyaluronic acid. The hyaluronidase enzyme, through its depolymerizing action, dissolves the chemical bond (cross-linking), leading to the breakdown of acid molecules and acceleration of its biodegradation. The preparation dissolves subcutaneous nodules, incorrectly positioned or over-administered filler of cross-linked hyaluronic acid, leading to the reversal of the negative consequences of acid implantation.


Disolvidase dissolves hyaluronic acid after an unsuccessful tissue filling in the case of:
– excessive amount of hyaluronic acid administered (overcorrection)
– long-lasting lumps or irregularities at the site of acid implantation
– undesirable movement of the filler
– accidental injection into arteries or a venous vessel, which may result in embolism and necrosis
– undesirable show-through of the filler due to too shallow deposition of hyaluronic acid
– chronic swelling due to compression of the vessels or water retention at the place of filler application
– intolerance to hyaluronic acid or cross-linking agent


Hyaluronidase 1500 I.U.

FORM: powder

Each box contains 5 sterilized ampoules x 1,500 IU

Product for professional use only.

By deciding to purchase, you declare that you are a doctor or cosmetologist trained in aesthetic medicine.





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