DERMAQUAL – GSH + C1000 5x200mg


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DERMAQUAL – GSH + C1000 5x200mg

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GSH + C1000 therapy ensures quick lightening of discolorations and even skin tone. Glutathione present in the formula deactivates the tyrosinase enzyme responsible for the stimulation of melanogenic processes and the formation of hyperpigmentation. In addition, this tripeptide protects the thiol protein groups in the skin against oxidation, participates in the repair of cell DNA and, thanks to its detoxifying properties, delays the aging process. The content of vitamin C optimizes the effect of the preparation by lightening and synthesizing collagen. The synergy of both ingredients strongly revitalizes the skin, reduces the signs of fatigue and greyness, and fights the most visible signs of chronological aging, such as loss of tension and elasticity, and discoloration. GSH + C1000 is also an effective preventive therapy and sustaining the effects of depigmentation obtained through other therapies.


GSH + C1000 is a product that eliminates reactive oxygen species and free radicals that induce melanin synthesis and aging skin cells. The formula provides:

– reduction in the activity of tyronase (an enzyme responsible for skin pigmentation
– strong antioxidant protection and neutralization of free radicals
– stimulation of cell renewal and DNA repair
– aligning and brightening the skin and making it glow
– counteracting chronological aging and photoaging
– increasing the elasticity and smoothness of the skin
– reducing the visibility of discoloration

– face
– neck
– cleavage
– arms
– hands
– all areas with signs of discoloration, freckles and age spots

ascorbic acid (200 mg), glutathione (200 mg)

FORM: powder


GSH + C1000 + 5ml of saline
GSH + C1000 + 5ml Meso Glow

Activate the product by adding 5 ml of saline or 5 ml of Dermaqual Meso Glow.
Do not combine with other active substances!

For whom: no age limit.

Injection method: microdeposit technique, needle-free mesotherapy, derma roller.

Recommended needle size: 32G.

The best results are achieved after 6 treatments performed with one treatment per week. This session can be repeated one to three times a year.

Product for professional use only.
By deciding to purchase, you declare that you are a doctor or cosmetologist trained in aesthetic medicine.





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