Desirial 2x1ml


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Desirial 2x1ml

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Desirial is the world’s first range of products based on hyaluronic acid (patented IPN-like formula) and antioxidant (mannitol) dedicated to the intimate health of women.

Desirial means both the improvement of a woman’s functionality (playing sports, wearing tight clothes, sex) as well as the aesthetics of the intimate zone, and thus the improvement of the quality of life.

Desirial in combination with hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and emollients may become a standard in the treatment of menopause-related ailments.


Insufficient vaginal lubrication
Recurrent infections that cause itching and discomfort
Atrophy / atrophy of the labia major
Feeling of tension and burning
Vaginal pain
improving the shape, regularity and size of the labia
correction of postpartum scars


Skin lesions of the vulva requiring prior histopathological verification
Cold symptoms

Description of the procedure

In the subcutaneous tissue of the labia, approx. 1-2ml hyaluronic acid preparation is administered, which strongly binds water, which restores the correct volume and hydration of the labia.

Post-treatment recommendations

After the procedure, the patient can lead a normal lifestyle. For 1-2 weeks you should avoid much pressure on the treated area – so you have to give up riding or riding a bike, for example. Post-operative edema usually disappears after 2-3 days.





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