Dr. Peel – MCA 33.3% Monochloroacetic acid 30ml


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Dr. Peel – MCA 33.3% Monochloroacetic acid 30ml

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DrPeel MCA peeling solution is a chemical peel based on monochloroacetic acid, designed to act on deeper layers
skin to remove skin imperfections and obtain an anti-aging effect.
Thanks to its unique composition, DrPeel MCA peeling deeply cleanses and moisturizes the skin, evens out its color and smoothes it, eliminates small
and reduces deep wrinkles. In addition, it significantly improves skin tension and elasticity.
DrPeel MCA peeling eliminates discoloration and is perfect for the correction of atrophic scars. It is extremely effective and safe.
As a result of the accelerated renewal of the epidermis, young cells are formed after the chemical peeling treatment, and the dermis remains
smoothed and compacted. The sebaceous glands are cleansed and the skin tone is evened out. This process
accompanied by a rejuvenating effect on the skin: the skin becomes elastic, firm and radiant.

* Recommended only for mature skins +18
** For better results and to avoid skin irritation caused by undesirable interaction of ingredients, use is recommended
chemical peeling DrPeel MCA 33.3% peeling solution only with other products from the DrPeel line.




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