Expert 38% Whitening Gel Dr. Martin Schwarz


Expert 38% Whitening Gel Dr. Martin Schwarz

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Expert 38% Martin Schwarz is entirely made and developed by specialists from the Dr. Martin Schwarz. Its composition was created in cooperation with centers that have so far carried out professional teeth whitening treatments. The formula is perfectly matched, it shows very strong bleaching activities, which is free of a number of imperfections found in competing products.

1 syringe contains 5ml whitening gel which corresponds to 4pcs with a Opalescence gel syringe
No tooth hypersensitivity

Thanks to the perfectly selected proportion of the gel composition, during the whitening process, patients do not show tooth hypersensitivity. During the study only a sporadic group of people felt very slight inconvenience.
Main Features and Benefits of Teeth Whitening Gel Martin Schwarz Expert 38%

It prevents the demineralization of enamel
Expert 38% has a slightly alkaline reaction that protects our enamel during the whitening process before its demineralization. Preparations that have a pH lower than 7 may cause enamel demineralization.
Fast teeth whitening process
Teeth are whitened in the range of 20 to 30 minutes. You do not have to put on overlays all night long.
No fluoride
The whitening gel does not contain fluorine because it is not needed for the teeth whitening process. The lack of this component does not cause the so-called fluorosis.
Prevents teeth dehydration
Dr. M. Schwarz Expert 38% in their perfectly matched composition has the appropriate amount of water contained in it, which prevents the drying of teeth, which are subjected to the process of their whitening.
The effects are visible after the first use
Expert 38% of its action removes pigments such as coffee, tea, wine, etc. thanks to which our teeth regain their shine.
No possibility of overheating the enamel
The product is made for overlay whitening thanks to which we avoid drying and overheating of our enamel
Made In Germany
The whitening gel is entirely designed and manufactured in Germany. This is evidenced by high quality and efficiency.

Teeth whitening gel Martin Schwarz EXPERT 38% is a product that has the highest permissible concentration of carbamide peroxide in the European Union. It is intended for teeth whitening, so-called the overlay method for dentists and beauty salons and homes according to specialist guidelines.
Tooth whitening product Expert 38% Dr. M. Schwarz does not belong

Do not use in people under 18 years of age.
do not use gel in pregnant women and during breastfeeding
do not use when eating
Do not use when using tobacco products with the cap attached
do not expose syringes with gel to sunlight or high temperatures
do not freeze syringes with gel

INCI composition:

Glycerol, Carbamide peroxide, Water, Carbomer, Potassium Nitrate, EDTA, Menthol





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