gFACTOR Base 10×2 ml

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gFACTOR Base 10×2 ml

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Gen Factor Base is a bioactive body care gel. The preparation is the biopolymer base of all Gen Factor hydrogels:

  • Gen Factor No. 01
  • Gene Factor No. 02
  • Gene Factor No. 03
  • Gene Factor No. 04

The hydrogel base enables effective application and transfer of growth factors and other proteins to the skin surface, stimulating it to rebuild and regenerate.


Gen Factor Base has strong moisturizing properties and GF Base enhances the effectiveness of treatments by increasing the “slip” layer, thus preventing the actual preparation from evaporating too quickly. It can be used in cosmetic treatments using a physical stimulus.


Gen Factor Base allows you to effectively combine cosmetic products intended for application to the skin with the Gen Factor line preparations.


GEN FACTOR, or rather its prototype, was created to treat diabetic foot, enabling effective prevention of gangrene. As part of the project, Polish scientists created a series of bioactive biopolymer gels. The preparation includes biologically active proteins and peptides from colostrum (milk gland secretion) placed in a biopolymer hydrogel base. This breakthrough preparation was created by a group of outstanding Polish scientists led by Dr. Wojciech Karwowski, a specialist in the field of tissue and biomedical bioengineering.




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