Gen Factor gFACTOR 05 5×2 ml

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Gen Factor gFACTOR 05 5×2 ml

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Bioactive skin care gel with growth factors from PDGF and VEGF

A targeted preparation for working with capillary and supercapillary blood vessels. Depending on its combination with other growth factors, it can induce or suppress the angiogenesis process, and thus control the revascularization process.
It has a significant impact on the healing process of damaged tissues, clot formation, vascularization of monothematic tissues, such as scars, the effectiveness of skin grafts, etc.
It builds and regenerates the vascular endothelium. Increases vascular permeability Together with GF Base, it increases blood supply to the wound area while reducing vascular edema.
Designed to work with stretch marks, hypertrophic scars after maturation, graft-healthy skin border, necrotic processes, scarring, pigmentation disorders and vascular necrosis after unsuccessful aesthetic medicine treatments.
It strongly inhibits the necrosis of the skin matrix, hence it is also aimed at working with the processes of photoaging, keratosis, weakening of skin tissues, degradation and cellular aging.
A preparation from the group of very advanced skin engineering solutions and extremely effective. Intended for specialists who understand the essence of vascular processes in the skin matrix.




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