Gen Factor gFACTOR 06 5×2 ml

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Gen Factor gFACTOR 06 5×2 ml

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Growth factors EGF + FGF

A preparation dedicated to working with atrophic scars and tissue defects. Designed to play the so-called matrix mass, by:

  • proliferation and migration of keratinocytes;
  • proliferation and stimulation of fibroblasts;
  • proliferation and stimulation of myofibroblasts;
  • suppression of epidermal cell apoptosis;
  • cytoprotective effect under conditions of cellular stress;
  • regulation of the response between the basal layer of the epidermis and the dermis, which affects, among others, on the melanocyte environment.

It can be mixed with other Gen Factor Hydro gels to modify the skin response.




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