Gen Factor gFACTOR 08 5×2 ml

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Gen Factor gFACTOR 08 5×2 ml

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The preparation is intended for targeted activation or deactivation of inflammation in isolated cases, such as wound development, and for the initiation of inactive fibroblasts.



– increase in fibroblast proliferation (increase of over 200% after two days with hormonal night shift);

– increase in myofibroblast differentiation;

– stimulation of expression of extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins, such as collagen I, collagen III, fibronectin, integrins;

– inhibition of ECM degradation by stimulating the synthesis of matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors (MIM, TIMP);

– increase in the synthesis of GAG and hyaluronic acid, and as a result, strengthening the effect of modeling and filling tissues as well as binding water molecules;

– increase in ECM bioelectrical reactivity;

– increase in macrophage differentiation.

The preparation also changes the action profile of factors such as EGF, PDEGF, VEGF or HIF.

Combining GF07 with other preparations of the Gen Factor Hydro line, especially with GF05, GF06 and GF07 gels, will result in the possibility of tissue bioengineering of wounds, skin matrix atrophy, some types of scars, dying tissues (e.g. necrotic acne, necrotic acne, etc.) .), post-burn, post-fungal, post-frostbite changes and some types of complications after aesthetic medicine treatments.




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