Geo-Lifting V 64mg/2ml

Produkt przeznaczony do stosowania przez profesjonalistę


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Geo-Lifting V 64mg/2ml

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Tissue stimulator for bioremodeling and skin profiloplasty.

Treatment indications

Profilo-plastic of the face, neck, neckline and hands,
Tissue remodeling and bio-reconstruction,
Restoration of the three-dimensional face,
Visible lifting effect,
Extreme tissue hydration,
Increase in volume in places of atrophy,
Natural volumetric effect,
Skin biorevitalization.


The main effect of the GEO-LIFTING VTM treatment is to slim the facial features.

Improvement of the oval and slimming of the face,
Restoration of correct proportions,
Skin lifting and smoothing wrinkles,
Improving skin hydration,
Eliminating hamsters.


Hybrid conglomerate of hyaluronic acid in a record concentration of 64mg / 2ml

The combination of acid with two particle sizes to fully optimize the effectiveness of the treatment:

32mg (H-HA) high molecular weight hyaluronic acid
32mg (L-HA) low molecular weight hyaluronic acid


Long-term release,
Immediate effects,
No BDDE cross-linking,
A short and non-invasive treatment procedure.

Passing technique

The special application technique also ensures high surgical safety, avoids the anatomical sites of large blood vessels.

Thanks to the 5-point application technique, GEO-LIFTING VTM allows you to restore the correct geometry and proportions of the face, lost with age.

The treatment procedure has been designed so that specially designated puncture points are located in places with high lymphatic weaving, and the product is quickly redistributed over the entire surface of the skin.

Administration of GEO-LIFTING VTM does not cause discomfort, swelling and bruising.

Thanks to the minimization of the number of punctures, the GEO-LIFTING VTM procedure does not require anesthesia, and the return to normal functioning is possible immediately after the procedure.

Only 5 injection points – the technique has been developed to minimize the number of punctures and the risk of complications.
As much as 64mg of hyaluronic acid – a record amount of hyaluronic acid with high and low molecular weight and selected chain length,

Only 2 treatments – the shortest possible series of treatments,

No pain and no recovery time – specialized application technique, not causing discomfort, swelling and bruising,

Immediate effect – a delicate volumetric effect visible immediately after the treatment and the full effect of skin revitalization appearing after about 4 weeks.

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