Gernetic Synchro 500ml

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Gernetic Synchro 500ml

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Slimming & Fat Reduction Cream / Resculpting

Adipo Gasta 150ml is slimming cream is recommended to help you when you wish to lose local or general fatty excesses that are linked to poor digestion, poor elimination, nutritional over-indulgence and slow metabolism. By balancing and regulating the digestive system, it slims the figure and reduces superfluous fat, enabling you to rediscover your attractive figure. Its extremely smooth texture ensures rapid penetration, enabling you to dress immediately after application.

Biological compounds rich in proteins Vitamins A B1 & B6 and inositol (Vitamin I) Trace elements and amino acids including glutamine and carnitine Seaweed extracts rich in organic iodine Plant extracts including birch, ivy, arnica and hawthorn
Daily after the application of Lympho. Gently massage 1 teaspoon on fatty deposits, including the stomach area and also on the soles of the feet.



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