Gouri 1x1ml

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Gouri 1x1ml

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is a Korean preparation recommended for all skin types, with anti-wrinkle and smoothing properties, based on polycaprolactone. PCL has found many biomedical applications, thanks to its ability to gradually, slowly break down due to the hydrolysis of ester bonds, which takes about 2 years. It is used in the production of implants and absorbable surgical sutures. Gouri stimulates fibroblasts to increase neocolagenesis, providing deep lifting, improving skin tension and elasticity. In addition, the full integration of the preparation with the extracellular matrix makes it practically imperceptible, which allows for a natural-looking treatment effect – both at rest and during facial expressions (while talking, laughing or crying). Injecting polycaprolactone requires absolute deep injection and the necessity to perform a post-treatment massage.

deepened marionette folds,
deepened nasolabial folds,
radiant lines around the mouth (smoker’s lines),
lowered mouth corners,
Crow’s feet,
small atrophic scars, including acne lesions,
enlargement and modeling of the cheeks,
improvement of the face oval,
improvement of skin elasticity,
tightening of sagging and sagging skin,
for all skin types.


Polycaprolactone 210mg / ml.


Subcutaneously in places requiring correction.
Recommended needle / cannula size: 27G.
Treatment protocol: 3 sessions every 4 weeks + 1-2 reminders every 3-6 months.
Recommended insertion technique: spot – 0.2ml per deposit.


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