HALYX 1x2ml


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HALYX 1x2ml

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A bio-revitalizing product that restores the physiological functions of the skin and improves its density by rebuilding the extracellular matrix, thanks to the stimulation of fibroblast activity and the creation of new collagen and elastin fibers.
HA-LYX is a biostimulator based on hyaluronic acid with high molecular weight (1.0 – 1.5 x 10 6 Dalton), produced by Streptococcus equi bacteria, prepared at a concentration of 40 mg / 2 ml in a physiological, sterile, biodegradable and isotonic buffer .


Thickening the horny layer of the epidermis (softens and also reduces discoloration)
Change in the elasticity of the skin fibers (wrinkles)
Repair of skin tissue, in cases of scars after superficial skin injuries (e.g. acne, scars and stretch marks)
The treatment can be used at any age and is aimed at improving the hydration and elasticity of the skin of the face or other parts of the body


Reintegrates the level of hyaluronic acid (HA) by counteracting its natural loss as a result of the aging process. It is indicated in skin rejuvenation treatments and in the prevention of skin damage caused by the action of the sun.
Strengthens the extracellular matrix that revitalizes already dehydrated and damaged skin through aging and sun exposure.
It increases the capacity of fibroblast biosynthesis by inducing the regeneration of the optimal physiological environment, improving cellular activity, hydration and the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.


Sodium hyaluronate 40 mg / 2 ml, sodium chloride, sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate, sodium phosphate dibasic dodecahydrate, WFI grade water.
Application protocol

The session should be performed every 7/15 days or every month, depending on the aging of the skin.

Do 6 to 10 sessions a year.

Renewed every year.


Use 1-2 syringes to administer 0.1 to 0.05 cc per bubble.


The product is stable at 8 ° / 25 ° room temperature and sterilized with moist heat, the distribution of the average molecular weight of the solution remains unchanged.

The stable molecular weight variation in the solution contributes to the overall stability of the product.


30G ½ needle

You can get good skin imperfections correction with the inline technology or the microponics series. To increase the revitalizing effect, an additional linear application, parallel to the above, or scattered microponics can be performed. Hyaluronic acid improves fragile and less elastic tissue.


BAP points


1x2ml pre-filled syringe




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