HD Cosmetic Efficiency Therapeel F12 – 30ml


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HD Cosmetic Efficiency Therapeel F12 – 30ml

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Therapeel F12 is a chemical peeling for skin rejuvenation, containing a preparation based on ferulic acid and phloretin in a mixture of water-alcohol solution with an average pH of 4.0 -5.0.


  • Fotostarzeie
  • Uneven pigmentation
  • Gray, impure skin
  • Dehydrated skin

The product is for external use only. It is recommended to perform a sensitivity test on a small area to avoid irritation.
The product can be applied to various areas of the body – on the face, neck, cleavage, arms and hands, back, legs.
The number of product layers applied depends on the treatment area, condition of the epidermis and individual customer characteristics.

Composition and action
Ferulic acid 12% – Derived from phenol with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, discoloring, photoprotective effect. Increases the antioxidant power of vitamins C and E Protector DNA by acting as a chemopreventive, inhibits tyrosinase activity, increases the effectiveness of other sunscreens.
Floretine 5% – Polyphenol, with antioxidant activity, strengthening the penetration of other active substances. It inhibits elastase activity, interacts with lipids in the corneal layer, reducing the dispersion resistance of active substances along the stratum corneum and modifying the dipole potential of lipid bilayers.


1. Clean and degrease the skin.
2. Protect sensitive areas – the eye area, lip red and nose wings with protective cream.
3. Apply 1 to 3 layers of F12 product and allow to absorb. The number of applied layers depends on the phototype, 1-2 layers for high (IV-VI) phototypes, 2-3 layers for lower (I-III) phototypes and individual skin features.
4. Apply the product in layers, evenly, without rubbing, starting from the most resistant to more sensitive areas (forehead, jaw line, cheeks, chin, mouth area and nose).
5. Leave each layer on the skin for about 1-3 minutes before applying the next one. The end point of the procedure is the appearance of a white coating on the skin, which is the result of crystallization of ferulic acid.

Treatments should be repeated at intervals of 15 days. It is recommended to perform 6 to 12 treatments depending on the initial skin condition and the expected effect.


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