Hyalual Xela Rederm 2,2% 1ml

Xela Rederm® is the only preparation on the market that has a direct impact on the metabolic processes in the skin (increased energy production in the Krebs cycle in skin fibroplasts, improved cellular respiration, ion transport, collagen, elastin and protein synthesis, microcirculation).r


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Hyalual Xela Rederm 2,2% 1ml

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Thanks to these properties, cell viability increases, as well as greater protection against damage.

The filler XELA REDERM 2.2% is recommended for both the face and body as indicated by:


(linear application technique):

Clear, age-related changes in the soft tissues of the face and neck
Correction of wrinkles and nasolabular furrows, purse-string”, intervertebral horizontal wrinkles
Gravitational ptosis correction (drooping eyelid – strengthening) in people from 45 years of age
Correction of the surface around the lips and labial red


(clotting technique of serving the product)

Legs (inner thighs, knees)
Shoulders (the inner part of the shoulders, the elbow, the skin above the pectoralis muscle and the trapezius muscle)
Ear surface
Neckline (after 40 years of age)




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