HYAMINO CARE 50 – 2x2ml

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HYAMINO CARE 50 – 2x2ml

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Hyamino Care 50 is an innovative and effective product for restructuring, regenerating, smoothing, brightening and hydrating the skin all over the face.

Hyamino Care 50 was developed by the manufacturer Medixa to provide effective and long-lasting rejuvenation of the facial skin, as well as the skin around the neck, décolleté and hands. In fact, Hyamino Care enables extensive hydration of the skin, optimisation of the tone of the dermis, brightening of the skin tone and reduction of light wrinkles and imperfections on the complexion. This product is based on highly concentrated hyaluronic acid and a total of four carefully selected amino acids, which all have different functions, but are all responsible for strengthening and improving the skin. Hyamino Care 50 has been proven to improve the hydration, radiance and luminosity of the skin by over 97%.

These are the reasons why Hyamino Care 50 is so effective

Hyamino Care 50 enables rapid repair and natural regeneration of skin of all ages and skin types. It does this by restoring the structures of the extracellular matrix and increasing the number of fibroblasts under the skin’s surface. In this way, Hyamino Care optimises the physiological condition of the skin as well as its cellular activity. In addition, the skin is sustainably hydrated with this mesotherapy product and its collagen production is stimulated. Hyamino Care 50 basically consists of five active ingredients, namely, on the one hand, non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid in a high concentration, and on the other hand, a total of four active amino acids, all of which have different effects on the skin. Proline, for example, is a powerful amino acid that serves to stabilise the body’s own proteins collagen and elastin and also stimulates the regeneration of the skin and its structures. Glycine is another amino acid in Hyamino Care that is particularly important in the production of nutrients in the body. Above all, it helps to build up nucleic acid, RNA, DNA and other amino acids under the skin. Lysine, on the other hand, stimulates the growth of bones and, incidentally, also helps with the absorption of calcium, making it an essential ingredient for maintaining a healthy skin appearance. Finally, the fourth amino acid can be mentioned, the so-called hydroxyproline. This supports proline in stabilising the body’s own collagen and producing it at a healthy level. Combined in a complex, all these active ingredients create a particularly effective and clearly visible improvement of the skin’s surface, which after just a few treatments with the Hyamino Care looks noticeably brighter, more radiant, smoother and more hydrated. You can buy Hyamino Care 50 today and soon see this exceptional mesotherapy product for yourself. And if you are also interested in revitalising and treating facial skin damage, the Face Care from the same manufacturer can be recommended.


FAQ about Hyamino Care 50

For which treatments is Hyamino Care 50 best suited?
This product can be used for brightening, smoothing, hydrating and regenerating skin treatments on the following areas: Face, neck, décolleté, hands.

What are the ingredients of Hyamino Care 50?
The active ingredient complex of Hyamino Care consists of 50 mg/2 ml hyaluronic acid on the one hand and the following four amino acids on the other: proline, hydroxyproline, lysine, glycine.

What is the content of a Hyamino Care 50 package?
In a Hyamino Care 50 pack there are two injection syringes, each containing a quantity of 2 ml.

According to which rhythm should Hyamino Care 50 be applied?
The recommended application protocol is to perform 3 sessions at an interval of 3 weeks each. Thereafter, individual treatment sessions should take place after every 3 months in order to optimise the firmness and duration of the results.

Under which skin layer can Hyamino Care 50 be injected?
Ideally, this mesotherapy product should be injected into the superficial or middle dermis.

What technique should be used to treat with Hyamino Care 50?
Depending on the needs and abilities of the user, any technique can be applied to the Hyamino Care. Possible injection techniques include: Fan technique, Grid technique, Retrograde technique, Nappage, Point-by-point technique.


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