HYAMIRA 16mg/1 ml

Hyamira® 1.6% (16mg/1ml) r


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HYAMIRA 16mg/1 ml

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Hyamira® 1.6% (16mg/1ml)

designed for needle mesotherapy. Needle mesotherapy gives amazing results at the intradermal and intradermal levels. Hyamira® 1.6% needle mesotherapy available in two packaging sizes: 1ml and 2ml.

Recommended areas: needle mesotherapy of the face, hands, eye area, tear valley, neck and neckline.

Hyamira® 1.6% is a physiological saline solution. Hyamira® 1.6% is a clear, sterile, pyrogen-free preparation. It does not contain ingredients of animal origin. It is a viscoelastic solution. Highly biodegradable. Hyamira® 1.6% is supplied in a 1ml or 2ml syringe. It is characterized by high purity of the product. Hyamira® 1.6% is a product with a consistent consistency. The research confirmed the effectiveness of Hyamira® preparations and its long duration in the skin after the needle mesotherapy treatment

Product for professional use only.

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