IBSA Profhilo 2ml


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IBSA Profhilo 2ml

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PROFHILO – Stabilized Hybrid Complexes

PROFHILO is an ultramodern instrument for skin rejuvenation. It consists of Stabilized HA Hybrid Complexes with the highest concentration available in the world up to 64mg; L-HA, whose operation results in running a repair and regenerative skin cascade, and H-HA, which are the main component of skin scaffolding and ECM matrix density (extracellular matrix).

Thanks to these particles we obtain a filling effect and a plastic modeling effect. Bioremodeling PROFHILO® is an innovative concept of rejuvenating treatments that neutralizes skin flaccidity. PROFHILO® is a new effective method of rejuvenation.

How does PROFHILO ® behave in the skin?

The molecule of youth PROFHILO® slowly and long-released from the injection site acts as millions of springs that restore the lost facial contour. PROFHILO smoothes wrinkles, lifts the skin, immediately gives the skin the lost elasticity effect.

What are PROFHILO ® Stabilized Hybrid Complexes?

It is a molecule of youth patented by the Pharmaceutical Institute IBSA, which rejuvenates the production of elastin and collagen type I, II, IV, VII. Strengthens and thickens the skin, smoothes wrinkles, slims facial features, gives a biorevolumetric effect.


tightens the skin

guarantees multifaceted rejuvenation

gives elasticity

slims facial features

neutralizes hamsters

restores the lost outline

neutralizes sagging skin

smoothes wrinkles

gives biorevolumetry

restores a lost profile




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