INFINI Premium Filler Body B – 1x10ml

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INFINI Premium Filler Body B – 1x10ml

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Infinite Premium B Body 1x10ml – Description

Infini Premium B Body provides visible volumetric correction thanks to an exceptional increase in tissue volume, which translates into an improvement of tissues to the desired degree.

The visibility and durability of the effect depends on the depth of application and the original state of the skin. Infinite Premium Filler Body injected into the skin increases the volume of the tissues and fills the corrected skin defect. The volumizing and lifting effect results from a high content of hardened hyaluronic acid and its ability to bind to water.

The product is gradually absorbable and the tissue enhancement effect lasts about 6-8 months and weakens over time. Regular complementary treatments make it possible to consolidate the effect of the correction.

Why use Infini B Body?

  • To give volume to flabby skin
  • For body shaping and reshaping
  • To increase the volume of the buttocks
  • To correct the shape of the calf
  • For a rejuvenation of the hands

Technical description

Infini Premium Filler Body is a sterile, single-phase, non-animal hyaluronic acid filler filling gel cured.

It is a transparent and apyrogenic hydrogel with corrective properties, characterized by very high viscoplasticity and high tissue biocompatibility. The product has physiological pH and osmolarity and progressive resorption.



Crosslinked hyaluronic acid 20 mg/ml


1 Syringes of 10 ml

Infini Premium Filler B Body is contained in a graduated pre-filled syringe with a 10 ml luer-lock connector.

Individually packed in a blister

The packaging also contains a leaflet.

For use with a 18G cannula


Precautions of use

Infini Premium should not be used for injections

  • in the orbital zone
  • in blood vessels
  • for breast tissue augmentation

Infini Premium is only intended to be injected subcutaneously or intradermally.

This product has been designed for single use and should not be re-used. Use Infini Filler right after opening the blister and discard the syringe immediately after even if the entire syringe has not been used.

The use of infinite premium B must be done by an authorized practitioner




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