INNO-TDS Cynara+ 25 ml

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INNO-TDS Cynara+ 25 ml

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Artichoke extract – influences glucose and lipid metabolism. Cynara, the active ingredient of artichoke extract, classified as polyphenolic acids, has an anti-inflammatory effect, it also has a significant effect on the lipase enzyme by supporting the system of NAD, NADH2, NADP and NADPH2 electronic transporters.
Indications:- cellulite- lymphatic stagnation- swelling- fatty deposits
Action:Artichoke accelerates the processes of removing harmful metabolic products by increasing urine secretion, easier oxidation of sugar compounds, as well as reducing the level of fatty compounds and cholesterol in the blood. It has a cleansing effect on the body. As a result, it has a strong body shaping and anti-cellulite effect.
Composition:Artichoke extract Use:The product is intended for professional use using any method of percutaneous penetration.
Place of application Upper parts of the body 5-10 mlLower parts of the body 5-10 mlHips 5-10 ml2-5 ml knees
Abdomen-lower abdomen 5-10 ml




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