INNO-TDS Face Nade 4 x 2,5 ml (4231)

4 x 2,5 mlr


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INNO-TDS Face Nade 4 x 2,5 ml (4231)

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A dual-purpose face modeling treatment, which in the first stage promotes the elimination of unnecessary metabolic products and toxins, in the second stage strengthens and firms the skin structure, effectively modeling the face oval. The combination of active ingredients promoting lipolysis of facial adipocytes and inhibiting lipogenesis, improving lymphatic drainage while strengthening the skin structure and thus modeling the face oval.
Active ingredients:Carnitine, Cynara, Melilotus, Tyrosine, Lecithin, Troxerutin.
Indications: Excess facial fat Face contouring Excess fat tissue around the chin




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