Lenisna 1x200mg

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Lenisna 1x200mg

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Lenisn’s mechanism of action:

1. Physical support

Immediately after injection, Lenisna finds its place in the tissues and effectively fills them with non-cross-linked HA acid. Thanks to these properties, polylactic acid microparticles provide cohesion to the HA hydrogel, preventing it from moving.

2. Reconstruction

Two weeks after administration, when the HA acid begins to hydrolyze, PLA microparticles intensively support collagen production and improve the elasticity, firmness and thickness of the skin. From this turning point, the advantage of PLA begins, causing long-lasting production of collagen and elastin.

3. Maintenance

After 6 months after administration, you can see the final and unique result of using Lenisna, the product gradually biodegrades
and restores volume to the skin from physical stabilization to newly synthesized collagen fibers that maintain the natural effect over time.


Patented technology

Juvelook, thanks to its patented manufacturing technology, patent no. 10-1481441, no. 10-1725279, has unique properties: long-lasting effectiveness and increased safety profile.


No lumps or massaging – will there be any lumps after the Lenisna treatment after administering the product?

Lenisna, thanks to its patented manufacturing technology, eliminates the risk of subcutaneous lumps that occur when using traditional PLLA.

Patent: No. 10-1481441 – this is a method of producing polymer microparticles with a network structure

Patent: No. 10-1725279 – this is a process of obtaining polylactic acid microparticles by spraying – spherical, porous shape.


Effects – how long do the effects last after the Lenisna series?

The effects last at least 24 months after completing the treatment series.


Treatment series – how often to administer Lenisna?

The correct treatment series using the Lenisna product is 2 to 3 treatments performed at intervals of 6-8 weeks. Manufacturer’s recommendation: a repeat treatment is recommended after two years.


Recommended cannula size: 22-25G or needle sizes: 25-26G.
It is applied into the subcutaneous tissue or periosteum

Recommended number of sessions: 2-3 treatments spaced 6-8 weeks apart.
Administration technique: deposit.


Effects of Lenisna therapy – what are the effects of Lenisna?

Lenisna is one of the most effective stimulants in aesthetic medicine for the production of collagen, i.e. a protein that is responsible for the healthy and youthful appearance of the skin, for its hydration, improvement of skin firmness and elasticity!


Thanks to the combination of polylactic acid PDLLA with HA acid, we obtain an immediate effect, visible immediately after the treatment. The filling lasts until the production of new collagen by polylactic acid begins to dominate.


What makes Lenisna unique? Why is Lenisna so popular?

the world’s only polylactic acid for use on the entire body
Lenisna has the ability to strongly stimulate collagen production and restore a youthful appearance in a gradual and natural way – no artificial effect!
no need to massage the places where the product was administered


Application – how is Lenisna used? What zones can be treated with Lenisna?

The Lenisna product is intended for increasing the volume of sunken areas of the face, correcting recesses, for skin over 40 years of age.


skin firming
wrinkle correction
filling deep grooves
tension of the inner thighs, abdomen and sagging arms
improvement of skin tension
skin nutrition and regeneration
strong revitalization
skin hydration


Where is Lenisna named? What areas is Lenisna used for?

Lenisna can be used on the entire body, where deep sagging and wrinkles are visible.


Durability of effects: over 24 months.

Vial capacity: 5 ml


Composition – what does the Juvelook product contain?

Polylactic acid (PDLLA – Poly D, L Lactyd) 170mg – particle size 50-60 micrometers,
Non-cross-linked HA acid 30mg – particle size 3000 kDa.


Preparation of the preparation – how to prepare the preparation for administration?

Add 5 ml of sterile water for injection to the vial. Place the preparation in a VORTEX laboratory shaker. After 30 minutes, the preparation is ready for use. Join the group of our satisfied customers and share your opinions about Lenisna with us today!




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