MC Prof. Collagenase – 1 x 1500 U.I.


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MC Prof. Collagenase – 1 x 1500 U.I.


MC Prof. Collagenase dissolves collagen in the tissue, which on the one hand makes it easier to break down fat cells and on the other hand tightens the skin on the face and body


MC Prof. Collagenase helps to break down collagen fibres in the tissue, which has several effects. On the one hand, fat cells are effectively dissolved and transported away, and on the other hand, the skin on the face and in various parts of the body is sustainably tightened. In addition, the effectiveness of the body’s own collagen is improved and supported, so that the ageing process of the skin can also be perfectly counteracted. Since Prof. Collagenase from the manufacturer MCCosmetics ® is a mesotherapeutic product, which, by the way, is to be applied exclusively topically, several sessions are usually necessary in order to be able to perceive pronounced results. With this product, however, only 2 to 5 such treatment sessions are needed, so that it works extremely quickly and effectively.

Why MC Prof. Collagenase is the ideal product for you

MC Prof. Collagenase has a perfect effect on the outer appearance of the body by dissolving collagen fibres in an effective way. Fat deposits in particular, which are difficult to penetrate all over the body, but especially on the abdomen, thighs or arms, cannot always be satisfactorily removed, even through lengthy diets and strenuous sports programmes. With MC Prof. Collagenase, the manufacturer MCCosmetics ® has brought a product onto the market that can successfully reduce these fat deposits. In addition, the mesotherapy product helps to relax and sustainably tighten the outer tissue so that the body can be freed from sagging skin. Furthermore, MC Collagenase also perfectly counteracts unwanted scars and incorrectly stored collagen, so that the ageing process can be counteracted in an effective way. On the other side of the dissolution of collagen, the effectiveness of this is improved so that a generally beautiful, firm and also contoured appearance is created. Incidentally, another product in the MC Prof. range is MC Prof. Glutathione, an equally effective product from the same manufacturer, which can perfectly lighten age spots and revitalise the skin for a long time. However, by purchasing MC Prof. Collagenase, you will achieve a comprehensive reduction of fat on the body as well as a firm, fresh and youthful skin appearance in a very short time.

FAQ about MC Prof. Collagenase

For which treatments and on which areas can MC Prof. Collagenase be used?
This product can be used on the face as well as on the entire body, where it helps to dissolve collagen and thus build up fat cells. However, in addition to its fat-reducing effect, MC Collagenase also has a firming effect.

What are the ingredients in MC Prof. Collagenase?
The collagenase from the manufacturer MCCosmetics ® contains the following ingredients: Water, Mannitol, Clostridium histolyticum, Collagenase G.

How much of the contents does MC Prof. Collagenase contain in one package?
One ampoule of MC Prof. Collagenase contains a total of 1500 U.I. of the active ingredient complex specified above.

What does U.I. mean in connection with MC Prof. Collagenase?
U.I. generally stands for the international unit of a substance, in this case collagenase, and indicates the effect of the active substance. A product with 1500 U.I. is therefore very effective.

How often should MC Prof. Collagenase be used?
Prof. Collagenase is a mesotherapy product and should therefore be used in several sessions, 2 to 5 treatment sessions are recommended. These should be carried out at a weekly interval from each other. In addition, it is advisable to repeat the entire treatment cycle every 4 to 6 months in order to make the results achieved permanently visible.

In which way is MC Prof. Collagenase applicable?
This product is only approved for topical application and for this reason should be applied superficially to the skin.


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